'LYMAE’ has been supplying Protective Clothing, helmets and accessories for the past 20 years. Only the latest and most effective material and technologies available, certified by the US National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), are used to manufacture clothing which are housed in our own building South East of Pretoria. Only NFPA Certified Boots, Helmets, Gloves and fire accessories are sourced from the world’s top suppliers.


All products are backed by a Technical File, as required by the regulations, proving that a design made in a given fabric provides appropriate workplace protection. All the materials have been tested to conform to the relevant standards. Our sales team are at your service and will assist with anything you require whether in this product catalogue  


Johan Nel
CEO - Lymae

Quality / Safety / Protection

Short cuts in material and product manufacture don't work when safety is the No. 1 requirement. Lymae's lightweight, comfortable thermal-protection workwear is engineered to keep firefighters and other emergency personnel cool, dry and free from heat stress in hazardous environments.Fabrics are selected not only for operational protection against heat and flame, but also for moisture management, breathability, abrasion resistance, durability and rapid re-deployment after laundering. Give your personnel the gear they deserve – specify Lymae products for superior performance in all indicated applications.

Our Mission Statement

We at Lymae stand in awe of those brave men and woman who, at risk of their lives and well-being are prepared to go to the aid of their fellow people in time of dire physical need. Our mission is to provide them with the best protective wear and gear in the world - without compromise. Only the latest and most effective materials and technologies available, certified by the (US) National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), are used. For us, their safety will always be of paramount concern.

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